What we offer …

Real estate agents are expensive? Perhaps it is true, as perhaps it is possible that no one actually did perceive the work done behind a deal. We understand that paying a “service”, then something is not actually material and tangible, is hard, and that’s why we list everything that ex officio will do it for you, regardless of whether any negotiation is separate and requires procedures.

CUSTOMER QUALIFICATION Our agency always tries to identify the needs and requirements of the customer to please him at best and possibly in the shortest possible time.

SKETCHY THE NOTARIAL ASSISTANCE Key Estate agents follow the whole deal, speaking to and in synergy with the client until the notarial deed, also supporting accessory phases required for the sale.

SERVICE “MORTGAGES IN PLACE” He is active in the Agency an Office aimed at giving advice to clients who want to get a mortgage in absolute confidentiality. The Agency has active collaborations with leading lenders to satisfy every need and assess every situation, even the most difficult.

COLLABORATION WITH ALL AGENCIES The Key part of the Cosmic Summer, Consorzio Sardo real estate brokers, and FIMAA, Federazione Italiana Mediatori Agenti d’Affari and with all local agencies a collaborative Pact whereby each agency’s property is regularly offered to colleagues who can, if they are genuinely interested customers, bring them to visit at the apartments.

KEEPING YOUR PROPERTY PORTFOLIOS The Key summer has a constant turnover of properties due to a search just as constant in the territory and active collaboration with colleagues and clients.

TECHNICAL OFFICE IN Inside our agency there is the technical study of the geom. Banting, thirty years of experience with technical geom. Sanna is always at guests ‘ disposal to solve any situation for the purposes of buying and selling

TAX ASSISTANCE, NOTARY PUBLIC Joining FIMAA you have leading experts in real estate matters which may give advice even more effective.

ADVERTISING INVESTMENT ON THE PROPERTY The Key Summer decides with the customer the advertising strategy to be adopted for the property in question. The tools available to the Agency are the major real estate sites, national and local magazines, billboards, targeted initiatives and think only about the building in particular.